Paper Me – part two


Nearly two years ago I introduced myself to this blog as paper me. I told you a bit about me and what I looked like. This is part two. 

I am nearly 26, I am a Gemini and I am creative. I suffer from an invisible illness (which I’ll write about soon). I love music, art and cooking/food in general. I started this blog to document my thoughts and creativity. I want to create content everyday, not just on this blog. I am a third way through writing a novel for young adults. I will have the first draft done by the first week of June. I love to write, especially creatively.  I stated at the start of this blog I wanted to work in the magazine industry but I really want to be an author. I have for so long but ignored it because I thought it wasn’t viable. I’ve flipped that and I am now going for it. You’ll never know until you try!

I am learning Italian with the hope to be fluent in the future but I’ve a while to go yet! If you want to talk about the weather or my likes/dislikes in Italian then I’m your girl. 

Albums + Feelings

Introductions, Life

I was thinking about five albums that mean a lot to me but aren’t necessarily my favourites. These albums all captured a moment in time during different periods of my life. When I think about them I can feel my thoughts, the colours, and hear the sounds. I can almost see what I was wearing and I can remember where in the world I was standing. I hope I can teleport you to those times too.

From Under The Cork Tree – Fall Out Boy

My strongest memory of listening to this album was when I had finished a day in school. I went back to my grandmother’s house to do my homework. I was up in my bedroom in that house. It was a bright and airy day. I was standing in my school uniform but I had taken off my jumper and my shirt was untucked. I was enthralled by these four guys. It was such a good album, the first album that made an impression on me. This was the start of my FOB obsession. I don’t know why this album meant so much to me, maybe it was down to feeling like an angsty teenager. Whenever I listen to this album I feel youthful and energetic. Maybe even a bit rebellious (as rebellious as I can get which isn’t very). This album will always mean a lot to me and I will always think of it as my first. 

Most memorable song – Dance, Dance

Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not – Arctic Monkeys

First of all I never can say/write this title properly unless I look it up and I don’t know why. When I was planning this post I wrote ‘Whatver you say I am’. From day one of buying it I don’t think I’ll fully ever remember it. My strongest memory of this album is sitting on the fooor by the stereo after I bought it. The blinds were closed and it was nearly completely dark. I instantly became obsessed with this album. It made me feel infinity cooler than I was previously. I loved the lyrics and I loved the British indie scene that I was never a part of. I just loved the aesthetics, the smoking, the Fred Perry, the white sneakers. All things that I never did/wore. This is a great walking album, everything about it makes you stand taller. 

Most memorable song: From Ritz to Rubble

Trilogy – The Weeknd

This album I experienced in college. I was enveloped in it after a few listens. For months this was all I listened to and I honestly can’t believe that Abel is the same person who is currently writing what he’s writing. There was something so raw about Trilogy. It was about real things and The Weeknd’s voice was hypnotic. My favourite song was Montreal – I think I could listen to him speak French all day. The most prominent memory is cooking the kitchen, it was dark out but I remember it to be warm. My housemates came in and asked who I was listening to and was I emotionally okay that day. Abel’s lyrics were definitely not something I could relate to but I loved for that insight into his life. I think of that album and I am filled with emotion – the sign of a great album. 

Most memorable song: Montreal 

Graduation – Kanye West

I don’t know what made me buy Graduation but I’m glad I did. I don’t remember many people in my friends group listening to it but maybe it was the apparition of shutter shades. I remember going into HMV in limerick and seeing it. How could you miss it with its beautiful cover art created by Takashi Murakami. I also remember getting in our old silver Passat CL and playing it for I would say around two minutes before my mother told me she had a headache. It was another album my friend and I listened in the bus. The bus was our version of blaring the songs in a car. I would bring my iPod classic and we would share earphones only to speak when we wanted to say something about the album. It is a pivotal album for my teen years. 

Most memorable song: Barry Bonds

B’day – Beyoncé

This album as my first real introduction to Queen Bey. I had the Destiny’s Child album Destiny Fulfilled but this was fully Beyoncé. I remember buying this album in a record store not too far away. I never really listened to her solo music but something told me to grab it and I’m glad I did. I like every song on this album, my strongest memeory listening to it was in my grandmothers house where I learned all the lyrics to Upgrade U and acted it out as if I was in a music video (thank God I had no access to a video camera). This album makes me feel euphoric and like I am a great dancer (which I am definitely not). This album was the start of my long life love for Bey.

Most memorable song: Suga Mama

Digital Detox – 5 day battle plan

Introductions, thoughts

It is 6am in Ireland as I am writing this and I have been awake for the past two hours. My mind is in need of substance but I commend anything that can hold my attention for long enough. I have been binge watching Estée Lalonde lately, especially her vlogs. There is something so comforting about her, she is definitely in the dream friend group. The reason I am writing this post is because she made a video about a digital detox and I think I need that. It won’t be this week as I am currently revamping my portfolio for an upcoming interview but I will do it!

It makes me anxious to think of forgetting about my phone, laptop, all digital devices. What am I going to listen to? What am I going to watch? Does my Kindle count? For some reason I think the experience will be almost spiritual, that I will be renewed and reawakened after it. Most likely I will be like a zombie when I have at least 4 hours of catching up. Since my last post was on resolutions I would like to check my phone less, only when it beeps (which isn’t often). I wish I had the strength to delete some social media because my current list is very long, everything short of vine.

I am going to approach this digital detox in various part;

Day one: Cleanse my social medias – start tidying up subsricptions, followers/followings, friends, notes, likes, DMs, and everything in between.

Day two: Clean up my emails – Yes, emails. I have various email addresses a family/friends one, blog one, college one, a random one that I don’t know the password to but I still get emails from and even more after that. Unnecessary. I need to delete, archive, clean up in general. With my personal one I have had since 2006 and that means a ridiculous amount of emails! Oh! and add email addresses to my contacts phone numbers.

Day three – Tidy up my hard drive. This is no easy task! I am currently reclaiming an old hard rive that is broken so it means a lot of data. I want to delete pictures that don’t matter and properly label files. It will be a horrendous experience because when I render drawings I label files like ‘Project3 A4’, ‘Project3 A4 Draft1′ Project3 Final draft1’ and at this moment I am not sure what one is the true final article and what is a draft.

Day Four – Consider deleting Facebook forever. This is tough for me because I have been on it since 2009. There are a lot of photos and it is a great way to connect with people and find out whats on. On the other hand there are some pretty horrific things on my newsfeed that I don’t understand how they get there whether it is videos/picture that I really don’t want to see to horrible comments under news articles that make me question humanity. I will download all information I want to remember and after I think I will delete it. Maybe.

Day Five – No technology, not even the toaster (well…maybe the toaster, definitely the kettle!). I am completely addicted to my phone and social media. I really don’t post often on social media with the last post I made on Facebook being well over a year. I just love catching up and I love keeping in touch with people. I have Facebook friends that I met through travel, long lost relationships, and even events like Femfest that I recently attended. I will wake up to a watch beside my bed, I will read, I will listen to music, I will talk to my housemate (and potentially myself). I hope I feel relieved after it, that I can in fact leave the house without my phone and I will be okay (dramatic, I know!). I will give you an update as I go ahead with this digital detox. Before I say “you should try and do one too” let me see if I survive first. If this is my last post you will know I died of a mixture of separation anxiety, boredom, and potentially an ailment that crops up which I can’t google it in time to save me.

Andrea Pace (#3 – FMOO)

finding my own opinion, Introductions

Whenever I find a new blog I instantly go to the ‘About’ section. I love to see who these people are before I start reading their posts. When I found Andrea over at The Rêve Head, I was instantly drawn in as she also wasn’t fully content with her original education in Biology and Psychology and pursued Fashion Management. This is very similar to my case. As she is my first person to interview for this feature, I was ecstatic when she replied. She writes with great honesty and insightfulness. Her blog is something that I really look forward to reading and something I have added to my regular read. I find her similar to me even though we never spoke in real life (is that narcissistic?). When I started this feature I had a clear picture in my mind of what I wanted it to be and I will admit I was nervous opening it to others but I needn’t have because Andrea answered with great clarity around the subject of feminism and women. If you do nothing else today, have a look at her blog. I promise it will make your day brighter. I especially recommend ‘Love Letter to Netflix‘ to start you off.


– – –


Would you consider yourself a feminist? 

100% yes.


What does feminism mean to you? 

Simply put, feminism means equality to me. It means that all humans, regardless of their gender are treated equally. It means they’re given the same opportunities, given the same respect, shone in the same light, and that instead of being judged by their gender and assigned expectations, that they’re judged on their merit, personalities, capabilities etc.


Does the world need feminism? Why/why not?

The world most definitely needs feminism. I think we’ve reached a turning point where our generation isn’t keen on how things have been in the past. The issue lies in the fact that society has learned these categorized expectations for both men and women, and the difficulty is now getting everyone on the same page – both men and women – to speak up for, focus on, and push for equality. This generation needs to teach its own of how it should be, so that the next generations are in shock when they learn it was ever any other way.


What has been people’s opinion to your status as a feminist? If you don’t really talk about it to people, what do you feel is the general public reaction to feminism as a topic?

I’ve recently started posting on my blog more openly about how I feel about the treatment of women and where feminism comes into play. For the most part I’ve had a very positive response – both women and men, of different ages agreeing with what I’m saying, willing to stand up for me, and back my opinion. I’ve also had some friends who I think feel being a *feminist* isn’t *cool*, and have told me they don’t think it’s a problem. I think is is more a matter of maturity, and thinking on a small, personal scale, rather than looking at the big picture and the state of society. To say sexism or gender inequality doesn’t exist is misinformed. I feel like I used to sometimes feel this way, maybe I wasn’t aware of slight ways myself or other women were being pigeonholed or whatever it may be, but the more articles I read, and more stories I hear of gender inequality, the more aware of it I become. It’s like when the school system and the DSM made the definition of autism more thorough – the cases of autism increased dramatically. Once you’re more informed on a topic, it’s easier to spot it, and easier to have a heightened sense to be on the look out for it.


Who were your female role models growing up? Would you consider them to be the same today? 

Honestly, I was also not completely aware of the concept of or need for feminism. I was raised to always think I was capable of doing whatever I wanted – that my brother and I were on the same playing field. I always had amazing teachers who never treated me differently because I was girl. This is going to sound silly, but I think Elle Woods, the character from Legally Blonde got the idea in my head that it’s important to be a crusader for my gender. Her character was portrayed as a specific female stereotype – the blonde bimbo who only cared about finding a wealthy man and getting her nails done. But she also showed how she can remain herself, super feminine but also very capable at getting shit done, and working hard for what she wanted. Emma Watson’s speech for the UN definitely influenced my opinion of what feminism means, and why it matters now. Also, paying more attention to politics has helped to inform my feminist ideologies.


Who were the women in your life that helped to mould you into to the woman you are today? 

My family and friends have shaped who I’ve become today, and also I think a certain stubbornness in myself more than anything has dictated who I am and who I firmly remain. I was a pretty spunky little girl (from stories my family has told me), very headstrong and opinionated, even at a young age. My family just went with it! My grandma once said that I would either be running a business or head of the mafia one day (neither have happened yet). I have a very intelligent group of friends who are always pushing me to learn and understand more about the world and our society. They keep my on my toes. I’m also very influenced by the varied strong female role models presented in our culture today. Hearing Beyonce or Tavi Gevinson express a feminist opinion kind of gives you a starting place. You form your own opinion based on what they’ve said, and it gets you thinking and talking, which is the most important thing.


What traits did you learn from these women? Or what aspects of your life did they reinforce?

My family has been trying to encourage me to return to my youthful strength. I think I became less convicted/strong as I got older, and they’re always reminding me that I still have that spunk and that I should harness and celebrate it. A lot of ‘qualities’ I possess are just innate, and I don’t know where they came from. I just am the way I am.


What do the bond/relationship with the females in your life mean to you? 

They mean everything to me! We may not always agree on certain things, but I feel like the women in my life are always challenging me to be better and to do/try more. I completely rely on their support and good judgment to get me through any and everything that’s going on in my life.


Could you recommend any article/book/video/film/art etc that could further my journey into feminist literature? 

Lately I’ve been loving Lena Dunham’s blog, ‘Lenny Letter’. Lots of great interviews with strong women, and discussions on all types of issues. Despite it maybe being directed to a younger demographic, I enjoy Rookie posts as well. They’re very relatable. Oh! And a new Toronto magazine – Sophomore Mag – is great. Run by very smart and cool young feminists who have opened my eyes to lots of new and interesting topics. Also, like I said, following politics in the news has made a huge difference. Reading about gender issues, or inequalities that are happening around the world make you realize even more so how important feminism is.


This interview was conducted by Lisa who interviewed Andrea Pace. She can be tweeted @andreaMpace.

Finding my own opinion

finding my own opinion, Introductions

I started this blog with the promise of an eclectic collection of writing and only writing about topics that interest me. At the moment I have become fascinated with feminism and women in the world alas, I am starting an ongoing feature that revolves around women. This is something that I have been mulling over for quite some time but actually putting the idea into cyber space is exciting. It will not be a preaching series, I will purely document my process through researching related topics and speaking to women.

This feature will start with the woman I know the best, me. From there I will discuss different topics that relate to women’s issues and interest, and I aim to interview or just speak to different women. At the end I hope to be able to form my own opinion that is founded on research and experience. It will be a bit more clear to both you and me once I start posting. I hope you enjoy reading these posts!

Everybody’s always talking at me, everybody’s trying to get in my head


Why is it that some music is considered embarrassing? Are we all focused on being cool 24/7 that we can’t embrace our undying obsession with Sugababes (just me? Okay…). I have one distinct memory where I was walking into Dundrum Shopping Centre and outside volunteers were collecting money so like most people I stopped to put in money. At the time I was listening to shuffle on my old iPod classic. Let me just explain my iTunes is not, has never been, or never will be cool. I think I am the only person who enjoys my iPod on shuffle as it varies from rap to R&B to pop to Irish comprehension lessons (always learning!). Yet, here I am outside Dundrum, giving money to charity and the volunteer asks me what am I listening to? This is a completely valid and normal question, I have earphones in which must be plugged into something that emits sound. I could have been listening to  The Beatles, Guns’n’Roses, Drake, No Doubt numerous ‘cool’ musicians yet I was listening to the High School Musical 2 soundtrack. I absolutely froze and like whenever I need more time I ask the person to repeat the question so I can formulate an answer. “I was wondering what you’re listening to?”. To which I replied, “Nothing, it’s paused.”.

Let me ask you what is worse, that I was listening to music he probably didn’t like (also everyone else in the world other than me and my best friend) or saying I was walking around with earphones in and an iPod plugged in but said iPod was paused. Not turned off, not out of battery…paused. I probably would have given him all my money past, present, and future just to evaporate. He looked at me and then looked at my iPod which I then took to run.

I have decided no longer shall I shame myself for not constantly listening to ‘cool’ musicians. When I get the question what music do you listen to, to which I usually reply “well, it varies but my favourite band is Guns’n’Roses” to “well, it varies but my favourite band is Guns’n’Roses and I occasionally listen to HSM2. No, not the first one, the second one. Yes, the Disney movie about a musical high school.” Until then I will continue to binge on Sugababes (which if you have been around here long enough, I’ve mentioned a few times), and don’t tell me it’s a guilty pleasure because there is nothing to be guilty about! (Except maybe HSM2, I probably should feel guilty for that…)

A wimp’s guide to Halloween movies

Introductions, thoughts

I love Halloween but only of lately. When I was younger I was terrified of getting scared, I didn’t like to dress up and I particularly didn’t like masked and hooded people calling to my house. Now, in my twenties, I still don’t like being scared, and I still don’t like masked people calling to my house but I will answer the door now. My Halloween is a very watered down version of Halloween although my costume is usually spook invoking. I plan Halloween treats via Pinterest and I most definitely do not watch horror movies! Instead I have compiled a list of movies that I will be watching in glee rather than hiding behind the couch.

First up is the classic Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. I feel it is important to start with this as it is the pinacle of all Halloween movies and I would even go as far as saying even those horror lovers can’t say no to Hocus Pocus (v generalised statement but maybe!).

Halloweentown, the Disney classic makes me think of Halloween instantly! It has been a movie I have watched for the longest time and one that never seems to tire me (as a matter of fact, I am watching it now!). Although Marnie is incredibly annoying you can’t deny it’s a great movie around this time of year!

The next two films are also childhood favourites though I definitely prefer one over the other; The Addams Family and Casper. Casper was always a strong contender for favourite Halloween movie. I have visions of me watching it when I was a child and enjoy it even to this day. Although I will always choose the previous two, you can’t deny Casper is great! The Addams Family I was always intrigued by. I was fascinated by Wednesday and Morticia but I think Cousin Itt terrified me and to this day I have never watched the movie from start to finish…Maybe this Halloween!

The next two are ones that I have recently found that I only watched within the last two years and loved, they are Dark Shadows, and Beetlejuice (can you sense a connection?). I will watch anything with Helena Bonham Carter in it so Dark Shadows was just one in a long list! I love this film from the sets to the costume, and the CGI. It is so enjoyable but you are aware it is a ‘Halloween/autumnal/dark” film from the first few scenes. I only watched Beetlejuice within the last two years and I loved it straight away.

I have left it late to start watching all these but I sure will try! My itinery for tomorrow is;

-Wake up, study…

-Dark Shadows



-Study some more

-Hocus Pocus/Halloweentown (I’ve seen both this week already)

-Try and fit in Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas (I’ve never seen either!)

-Binge on sweets throughout the day, especially when studying…


I am most definitely looking forward to tomorrow I might even bake a cake if I keep looking on Pinterest…we’ll see! There is something comforting about Halloween, you’ve done it since you were old enough to walk (and young enough to be forced into a costume – I was a cow for the majority of my childhood). I love carrying on tradition but adapting it to your age. So tomorrow will be very busy binging on sweets, movies, and lots of Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Happy Halloween 🎃!

Does glitter hairspray directly correlate with heightened self esteem?

Beauty, Introductions

Every magazine I read while growing up, I felt, spoke about how these strong women grew out of self consciousness and began not caring what people thought of them the older they got. I have found this to be the opposite for me. Let me teleport you back to early 2000’s.

*air wavers*

It is the early 2000’s and I am wearing black O’Neills tracksuit bottoms with a fluorescent purple and white Nike hoodie. My hair is scraped back to a low ponytail with a harsh middle parting and two antlers ‘framing’ my face (antlers=two tiny strands of hair pulled down in front of your face).

To 2015 me I look shocking, what was she thinking with those cat-hair attracting pants, never mind the antlers! 2015 Lisa is mortified, 2000’s Lisa thinks she looks gorgeous and, let me tell you, she was kind of right! (cringe) Thankfully, come the mid 2000’s, due to overuse of crunchy curling mousse her antlers just broke off one day never to reappear again.

*air wavers once again*

Now that we are back to 2015, I wear all black with maybe a red tartan shirt or a white jumper but mostly black. This is because the ‘black is slimming’ mentality and my fear of attracting attention to myself. Do you think early 2000’s Lisa cared in the slightest. No! She would have said “put more fluorescent purple on my clothes!”.

(Be prepared this next part is dramatic)

I think the world has gotten to me a bit. It has made me feel not good enough and I do partially blame the internet showing me Tumblr ideals but, the rest is down to me allowing myself to think this critically as for one time I thought quite highly of myself. Early 2000’s Lisa didn’t care about all this because she didn’t have anything to compare herself to. Yes, there were magazines but I bought Bliss and Shout which told you how to apply your blue eyeshadow properly and how to get your glitter hairspray to shine the strongest. I have grown up critical of myself and I am really trying to not do that. It is so easy to doubt yourself and I find myself doing it with the smallest things. For example, people asking do I want a chewing gum my thought process is;

– No thanks, I hate chewing gum

– Wait are they saying that because my breath smells?

– Did I brush my teeth this morning?

– I did but maybe I didn’t do it right

– I need to buy floss.

– Actually I will have a chewing gum. -is nauseous until she gets to a bin to throw said gum out-


They offered a chewing gum to be polite as they were taking one themselves.


I make everything more complicated than it needs to be (as you can see in this blog post by the impromptu conversation about gum). I need to take a breath and not let me get me (P!nk). I am trying to make a conscious effort to pick myself up rather than put myself down but, old habits die hard, it sounds easier than it looks, looks can be deceiving and, other cliches that make excuses. Thanks for listening!

Paper Me


Hello everyone! This is me…well, paper me. I wanted to introduce myself but I’m too shy so paper me stepped up. She looks as similar as I could get her (which isn’t very). IRL I have a bit more stomach and believe it or not I have facial features.

What else can I tell you about me? I’m in my twenties, I just finished college and I aspire to work in a magazine publishing company.

Lisa facts Quick Buzz Round

  • I love bread and chocolate (sometimes together usually apart)
  • I am currently (as in right this second) listening to Sugababes.
  • I read, for the first time, Bridget Jones and instantly regretted not reading it earlier
  • I have watched the Us Office at least 5 times (seasons 1-7)
  • I am always on social media (specifically YouTube and Tumblr) but I am those people that 9gag makes fun of, who are constantly online but don’t contribute. I am a social media ghost
  • I am a fiend for parentheses (you’ll notice that the more I write)


This is me, hello!

This is me, hello!

Thanks for looking around and I hope you will enjoy my content (if you can call it that!)

I’d love to see your Paper You’s! Tag me in your intros even if you have a long standing blog!

Hey you! What’s this blog about?


Hello and welcome to lisa.m, a blog I have created to display everything that comes to my mind! One key thing you need to realise when scrolling through this blog is that I am either utterly obsessed with something or not interested in the slightest. This well known-on-the-internet sketch is perfect for describing this state of mind.

This is a bit of an affliction when it comes to say for example blogging. I want to write and write and write and write etc… when I start a blog but eventually I question my original determination and quit.utterly obsessed vs. not interested


This has been the case with everything in my life from violin lessons (where the teacher called my mum and told her to stop wasting her money because I clearly wasn’t interested) to that time I was going to make an Etsy store (but then realised materials cost a lot of money…and time…and effort – all of which I don’t have).

So this blog will showcase whatever holds my interest at the moment.

Quick Lisa’s past blog history

My previous blogs have been everything from a health conscious blog (don’t make me laugh Past Lisa) to when I become obsessed with beauty bloggers and tried my own but realised similar to previous Etsy situation I have no money for new make up. One time I started a blog trying to complete a bucket list but living in the middle of nowhere there isn’t much going on to fulfil a bucket list. My “most successful” blog (be v conscious of the inverted commas) was a blog I dedicated to finding a hobby. I really enjoyed that one but ultimately felt it was a little lacklustre, if you get me.


So here I am with my millionth blog and honestly what will make this any different? To be honest I haven’t a clue but my light switch is directed strongly at utterly obsessed (that sounds weird but you get me, right?).