Going cruelty-free beauty


After watching a few blog posts and videos by bloggers going through their makeup bag I knew it was my turn. I had an inkling that my bag was filled with products from companies that tested on animals but ignorance is bliss so I pretended I didn’t. Yesterday I laid my usual makeup out and went through each one. I was honestly surprised with the brands I had assumed were testing on animals and those that I thought were cruelty free. 

I started researching each brand that was in front of me. The first statement I became aware of was that China requires imports of beauty products to be tested on animals and many larger corporations abide to that law. That means brands like MAC “does not test on animals and we never ask others to test for us. If a regulatory body demands it for its safety assessment, an exception can be made.”. This is a very roundabout way to say they are, in fact, not cruelty free. So many brands follow suit like Benefit, L’Oreal, Rimmel and more. I started to get discouraged, these large brands had or are parent companies which meant the cruelty list is expansive. Thanks to CreultyFreeKitty, I found a list of brands that are cruelty free, brands that have amazing makeup products and those for all different budgets. I realised things are changing in the beauty world and brands are switching to become more conscious of their impact. Though in the beginning I naively thought it would be restrictive but there are both indie and mainstream brands that are cruelty free, and within those two brackets there are thousands of individual brands.

As I set out my makeup, this was my daily makeup bag with both cruelty and cruelty free brands.

And then this was my makeup with just the creultyfree brands I have. 

So what has changed for me?

A lot. This was eye opening and I realised ignorance only gets me so far. Although I’m not going to throw out these products (it would be a waste), I for sure won’t purchase from these brands again unless their policies change. I will replace them with cruelty free brands and I am going to be more conscious when buying makeup which will be a good thing for my wallet as well as doing my small part for animal welfare. I absolutely encourage you to have a look through your makeup bags. It is not impossible to find a dupe for your favourite products if they don’t follow quality and safe guidelines, actually in the age of information and the internet it’s simple. 

Making myself feel better

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There are two Lush stores in Dublin; one off Grafton Street and one on Henry Street. I always end up at the Grafton Street one purely because of logistics. I have become a Lush fanatic though I will admit I was borderline obsessed last year and have since calmed down (slightly). I don’t understand Lush’s hold it has on me. I always shrugged off bath related Christmas gifts (brat) and growing up I wasn’t the least bit interested in bath bombs/salts/soaks/gels. Yet, here I am in a constant state of watching Lush hauls and mentally noting what I want next purely on the near impossible task of describing a scent of a bath bomb (I don’t blame the Youtuber, I purely blame me!). I look forward to being inundated with scents and being practically ‘harassed’ by the uber enthusiastic staff but I love it all! How can bath bombs bring me such joy? My ultimate favourite has to be Lord of Misrule and I have just checked and it’s back! This news makes me very excited and at this moment I realise I am just growing up. Similar to the way I get excited for succulents in concrete containers, I am excited for seasonal bath bombs. (just looked at the site again for Yog Nog soap and I just saw they made it into a bath bomb, I think I’m going to faint due to overexcitement.)

A while back I had a very long day and stopped into Lush with around €10 to spend and I came out with the following three Lush products. (Please note this is not a review but more of an excited exclamation).




First is a personal favourite and that is the Blackberry Bath Bomb. It leaves the water a beautiful violet shade with a Frankincense and Bergamot scent. Yes, I did look up what oils were used but I can promise it is delicious!

The next two are new products for me. Firstly was Milky Bath, a deliciously smooth bubble bar. It left my skin smooth and my bath bubbly. Pumice Power is the final product, a ‘foot soap’. I found it worked very well and left my feet smooth. After two uses it has plenty left!




Bath time is something I really look forward to and the addition of Lush really enhances it! I realise every single person with a blog writes about Lush and I struggled with “Should I bother writing about this?”, “Would anyone even care?”, ” How could I make it different to everyone else?” I realised this blog is about things I enjoy and I really enjoy Lush. So apologies that you have to endure another Lush post but Im afraid there will be even more in the future (forewarned!) until my love/obsession for Lush fades away…



Autumn Favourites

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As the colder weather sets in I am very ready to say goodbye to summer which is my least favourite season. I love autumn and winter, to me it means the fire is lighting, wrapping up in scarves and hats, reading/watching with a cup of tea or hot chocolate, Christmas shopping, and candles. Lots and lots of candles!

Feeling Autumnal

I have gathered some old and new things that make me feel very autumnal.

First and foremost is my red tartan scarf which is acting as the background here. I have always loved tartan but this deep red but makes it all the better. I have had this scarf for a couple of years and I bring it everywhere with me (on a night out it is especially useful when your friends want to stand in the smoking area outside in the freezing cold).

Next up is my fall jewellery; the silver piece is a leaf from John Rocha that I got for my birthday and I feel is perfect for autumn, especially with a think knitted jumper. The other gold pieces are from Penneys and are the Gemini set. These bracelets are nice layered and, to be honest, if you put the word Gemini on it I will buy it.

Close up of jewellery Necklace//bracelets//earrings

What is autumnal makeup without a dark coloured lip? I love purple hued lipsticks and I found these Revlon products in Boots yesterday. I have never tried Revlon before but I will let you know once I have ran them both through vigourous tests! The first product is the Colourstay Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion. It is a purple berry colour with a more plum hue and goes on like a gloss but dries as a lip stain. I wore this today and loved it but before this item I really didn’t get along with lip stains. This is wonderful but as I am not used to lip stains and their well…staining I need to learn to work faster when applying and fixing mistakes.




The next product is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry and is a deep red wine/burgandy colour. I have yet to try it out properly but first swatch impressions is that it is creamy and moisturising. When lipsticks are not fully matte drying they make me question will they pass the test of my gummy smile (a blog post to follow and, well, explain).

Revlon Black Cherry

Last make up product is a product that I have been using a lot recently and it is Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Tawny. I adore this product! It lasts all day, fast setting, and easily blends (once you are fast acting!). I tend to do one eye at a time when I use this product as I will apply blend into the crease and then do my second eye as I am not that skilled when it comes to makeup and I always need time on my side…

L-R; Parisian Passion (lip stain), Black Cherry (lipstick), Tawny (eyeshadow base)

L-R; Parisian Passion (lip stain), Black Cherry (lipstick), Tawny (eyeshadow base)

My last autumn favourite is the one I was most excited for…CANDLES!! I don’t know why I am excited about candles, but I am. Both these candles are from Penneys and each candles cost less than €3. The first candle is a White Amber candle in a rosegold/pink metallic holder.

The second candle is one that I thought I wouldn’t like at all as it is a sweet smelling candle but as every person in Dublin seemed to have this candle I had to give it a chance. I’m glad I was wrong because this candle is delicious! It smells sweet without being sickly, just lightly fragrant. I also love the brown tinted jar and the font is perfect! (its the little things)

IMG_4644 IMG_4653


So, there you go! My current autumnal favourites. What is your favourite autumn piece for this time of year?

Does glitter hairspray directly correlate with heightened self esteem?

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Every magazine I read while growing up, I felt, spoke about how these strong women grew out of self consciousness and began not caring what people thought of them the older they got. I have found this to be the opposite for me. Let me teleport you back to early 2000’s.

*air wavers*

It is the early 2000’s and I am wearing black O’Neills tracksuit bottoms with a fluorescent purple and white Nike hoodie. My hair is scraped back to a low ponytail with a harsh middle parting and two antlers ‘framing’ my face (antlers=two tiny strands of hair pulled down in front of your face).

To 2015 me I look shocking, what was she thinking with those cat-hair attracting pants, never mind the antlers! 2015 Lisa is mortified, 2000’s Lisa thinks she looks gorgeous and, let me tell you, she was kind of right! (cringe) Thankfully, come the mid 2000’s, due to overuse of crunchy curling mousse her antlers just broke off one day never to reappear again.

*air wavers once again*

Now that we are back to 2015, I wear all black with maybe a red tartan shirt or a white jumper but mostly black. This is because the ‘black is slimming’ mentality and my fear of attracting attention to myself. Do you think early 2000’s Lisa cared in the slightest. No! She would have said “put more fluorescent purple on my clothes!”.

(Be prepared this next part is dramatic)

I think the world has gotten to me a bit. It has made me feel not good enough and I do partially blame the internet showing me Tumblr ideals but, the rest is down to me allowing myself to think this critically as for one time I thought quite highly of myself. Early 2000’s Lisa didn’t care about all this because she didn’t have anything to compare herself to. Yes, there were magazines but I bought Bliss and Shout which told you how to apply your blue eyeshadow properly and how to get your glitter hairspray to shine the strongest. I have grown up critical of myself and I am really trying to not do that. It is so easy to doubt yourself and I find myself doing it with the smallest things. For example, people asking do I want a chewing gum my thought process is;

– No thanks, I hate chewing gum

– Wait are they saying that because my breath smells?

– Did I brush my teeth this morning?

– I did but maybe I didn’t do it right

– I need to buy floss.

– Actually I will have a chewing gum. -is nauseous until she gets to a bin to throw said gum out-


They offered a chewing gum to be polite as they were taking one themselves.


I make everything more complicated than it needs to be (as you can see in this blog post by the impromptu conversation about gum). I need to take a breath and not let me get me (P!nk). I am trying to make a conscious effort to pick myself up rather than put myself down but, old habits die hard, it sounds easier than it looks, looks can be deceiving and, other cliches that make excuses. Thanks for listening!